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Vibration Sensors

Metra has been developing and manufacturing piezoelectric vibration sensors Since 1954. There are transducers for nearly every purpose. Our product range includes accelerometers with charge and IEPE compatible output. 

Please select the suitable sensor type for your application from the menu column on the left.

Useful technical information about piezoelectric accelerometers can be found on our Theory pages.
A selection chart will help you to find the best sensor to your application.
Do you have older accelerometers made by Metra? Technical data of obsolete transducers can be found here.

Accessories Options

If a transducer is ordered with the model number extension /01 (for example KS56/01) it comes with an accessories kit including a sensor cable.
If the transducer is ordered without model number extension (for example KS56) it will be supplied without accessories and cable. In this case please order the desired cable separately. The sensor data sheets show a list of recommended cables for each transducer. All other accessories can also be ordered separately.

Example: KD37
KD37 in accessory kit