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March 2023 VM40-R Radio-controlled beacon light for VM40C
February 2023 Calibration Service New calibration services
January 2023 VM100 Vibration Analyzer VM100
September 2022 VM31 Human vibration meter VM31-HA and VM31-HAWB delivered with hand-arm sensor KS963B10
August 2022 KSI84D New series of 4-20 mA displacement sensors with 6 ranges
July 2022 ISO 17025 (MMF Calibration Laboratory) Our calibration laboratory is DAkkS accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
May 2022 KS84.100 Improved 100 mV/g industrial accelerometer
May 2022 KS80D Discontinued, Replacement: KS84.100
March 2022 KSI80Vx / KSI82Vx Discontinued, Replacement: KSI84Vx
August 2021 M32 Discontinued, Replacement: M33
June 2021 KSI84Ax KSI84Vx New series of 4-20 mA acceleration and velocity sensors with more than 250 types
January 2021 VM23 Vibration meter with additional frequency ranges
June 2020 KS78C10/100 TEDS with DS2431 memory IC
April 2020 VM31 Human Vibration Meter VM31 supports method for assessing risk of vascular disorders to ISO/TR 18570
March 2020 KS903B10 VM31 Human Vibration Meter supplied with KS903B10 for hand-arm measurement
February 2020 KS903B10/100 TEDS with DS2431 memory IC
December 2019 KS96B10/100, KS97B10/100 TEDS with DS2431 memory IC
December 2019 KS98B10/100 TEDS with DS2431 memory IC
December 2019 KS963B10/100 TEDS with DS2431 memory IC
December 2019 KS963B100-S TEDS with DS2431 memory IC
November 2019 ISO 9001 Metra introduces ISO 9001 quality management system
June 2019 KS94C10/100, KS95C10/100 Miniature accelerometers, improved version
December 2018 VM-OCT+ Octave/third-octave band analyser for VC/Nano criteria and sound measurements
November 2018 VM40-PRINTER Report printer for VM40C
October 2018 VM40A / VM40B Replaced by VM40C
October 2018 VM40-MODEM External LTE/GSM modem for VM40C
October 2018 VM40-L Alarm beacon for VM40A/B/C
May 2018 KB103SVD Replaced by KS963B100-S
May 2018 KS963B100-S New seat pad accelerometer
March 2018 KS963.10/100 New triaxial accelerometers
December 2017 M14 / M14-WEB New vibration monitor
September 2017 KS91C New miniature accelerometer
September 2017 KS91B Replaced by KS91C
June 2017 M28 Replaced by M29
June 2017 M33 New IEPE signal conditioner
June 2017 M29 New IEPE supply module
May 2017 KS813B, KS903..., KS943..., KS48 New accessory kits
October 2016 KS96/97/98 New sensors for modal and structural analysis
September 2015 VibroMetra 1.9 PC measuring software with new features
May 2016 KS78B10/100
Improved version
May 2016 KS901B10
Improved version
May 2016 KS90B
Improved version
May 2016
High-temperature option for VM2x
For vibration measurement up to 250°C
April 2016
New vibration switches
March 2016 VS6
March 2016
Vibration meter with frequency measurement
February 2016 VM31
New firmware with data logger function (also as update for older devices)
February 2016 KS72L
January 2016 M68
IEPE/charge conditioners M68 replaced by M72 series
January 2016
New calibration lab
Modern equipment for sensor and instrument calibration from 0.2 Hz to 20 kHz
December 2015 BNC cables in accessory kits
All uniaxial sensors with option "/01" now shipped with BNC plug at instrument end and without adapter 017
December 2015 KB12, KD38, KD42
KB12, KD38 and KD42 discontinued
December 2015
New family of charge/IEPE conditioners
November 2015
Calibration device for probe accelerometers
June 2015 708 Small magnetic base for KS78... and KS903...
May 2015 VM30-H VM30-H discontinued
December 2014
Human vibration analyzer
September 2014
Vibration calibrating system now with USB interface
August 2014
Triaxial vibration monitor
July 2014
New triaxial accelerometer
May 2014
New software for VC110 calibrators (VCUSB upgrade required)
April 2014
Force transducer manufactured again
January 2014
VM-SE FMP / VM-SE FMS Economic combined VibroMetra license for 2 channels
October 2013
VM15 discontinued
April 2013 VM-FFT version 1.8
FFT module with envelope spectrum, power spectral density and limit curves
April 2013 VM-BAL version 1.8 Balancing system with improved design and new functions
August 2012 KS82L
Accelerometer with reading interface for VMID data
August 2012 VM12 VM12 discontinued
August 2012
VM22 / VM24 / VM25
New series of vibration meters
June 2012
New version with improved noise and low frequency performance
January 2012
Remote charge converter with switchable gain
January 2012 ICP1x0
Replaced by IEPE100
January 2012 M108
Replaced by M208
December 2011 Sensor cables
New cable type numbering system
December 2011 KST94C-9N
Probe accelerometer with higher bandwidth
December 2011 KF24
Production of force sensors finished
December 2011
KD37V / KD38V / KD41V / KD42V
May 2001
New OEM low cost accelerometers
May 2011
New universal low-cost accelerometers with TEDS
April 2011
Seat pad accelerometer with TEDS
January 2011
Vibration calibrator with clamping device for non-contact displacement sensors and clock output
November 2010
PC-Software with Excel link for calibration data
June 2010
Building vibration meter to DIN 4150-2
May 2010 M116
M116 no longer available, replacement: M208
May 2010
VC20, VC21
New vibration calibrators replace VC10 series
May 2010
New USB interface for IEPE transducers with 40 kHz bandwidth
April 2010
PC Vibration Measuring System renamed
January 2010 KB103B / KB103VB KB103B / KB103VB discontinued
January 2010 KS513B KS513B discontinued
December 2009 KS823B High sensitivity triaxial accelerometer for building vibration, wind energy plants and other large structures
December 2009 VM30-W Vibration meter for wind generator monitoring to VDI 3834-1
December 2009 801/802 4 Channel BNC Termination Box / Interface
June 2009 M208 8 Channel IEPE Conditioner
May 2009 KST94C-4N Probe accelerometer with improved design
May 2009 KS56, KS57 High temperature accelerometers
May 2009 KS50 / 51 / 52 Replaced by KS56, KS57
April 2009 700 Underwater pressure hull for sensors
March 2009 KS72L Accelerometer with Low-Power IEPE output
October 2008 05000 Sound Level Calibrator discontinued
February 2008 KS90 Low-cost accelerometer in transistor case
January 2008 VM30-HA / VM30-HAWB Hand-held adapter Model 142 supplied with hand-arm kits
October 2007 VM-STRUC Kit Building Vibration Measuring Kit
October 2007 142, 144 Hand-held human vibration adapter and calibration adapter for KB103SV-100
September 2007 VM30-H New firmware allows operation with 1 or 10mV/ms-2 transducer sensitivity and the storage of two sensitivities. Weighting filters We and Wg added.
May 2007 VM-TRACK PC Based Run-Up / Slow-Down Analyzer
April 2007 KS76C10/77C10/76C100/77C100 KS76/77 Universal accelerometers in two sensitivity versions
April 2007 KD93 KD93 discontinued
March 2007 KS74C.10/100 KS74 Industrial accelerometer in two sensitivity versions
February 2007 KS813B-BDG Triaxial accelerometer for DIN 4150 building vibration measurement
January 2007 M12 Version B Improved M12 version
January 2007 VM-STRUC New VibroMetra software instrument for building vibrations to DIN 4150-3
December 2006 KS94 / KS95 KS94B10 / KS95B10 KS94 / KS95 replaced by new version with 10 mV/g sensitivity
December 2006 KS74B KS80D KB12VD KS48C New model extension letters for improved specification or design
December 2006 KD29 KD29 discontinued
November 2006 608 Magnetic base for curved surfaces
October 2006 031 Hermetic UNF 10-32 feed-through
October 2006 KS943B10 / KS943B100 Miniature triaxial accelerometer now available in two sensitivity versions and with removable cable connection
October 2006 VC12D Vibration calibrator for non-contact displacement transducers
September 2006 VM-BODY New VibroMetra software instrument for whole-body human vibration measurement.
July 2006 KS94L / KS943L Uniaxial and triaxial miniature accelerometers with low supply current and low bias voltage
July 2006 KST94B100 Probe accelerometer in new version with improved upper frequency limit
June 2006 VM30-H New Triaxial Human Vibration Meter available
May 2006 KSI 80VB / KSI 82VB New 4-20 mA vibration sensors with higher resolution and without wide-band output
March 2006 VM-HAND Kit New hand-arm vibration measuring kits for one or two handles
March 2006 Calibration Service Calibration prices revised
January 2006 VM-HAND Triaxial hand-arm human vibration meter as part of VibroMetra system
December 2005 KS74B Wider frequency range than former KS74B
August 2005 M10v M10v discontinued, replacement by M12
August 2005 KS76B / KS77B Standard accelerometers with improved bandwidth and lower noise
June 2005 030; 130; 230; 330 Triaxial mounting cubes for accelerometers
June 2005 208; 308; 408; 329 New magnetic bases and mounting pads
June 2005 VC110 New plastic case provides optimum protection for calibrating system during transport and operation.
May 2005 080G/W; 084G/W; 085G/W; 086G/W Binder 713 sensor cables alternatively with straight (G) or angled (W) plug
May 2005 KS81B New industrial accelerometer with radial connector
March 2005 VM-SCOPE New VibroMetra instrument
March 2005 VM15-ATEX VM15 available with ATEX option for zone 2
March 2005 KST94 Probe accelerometer now with sensitivity 100 mV/g
March 2005 KB12VB; KS48B Improved seismic sensors with lowest noise,
KB12VB with higher sensitivity
January 2005 051/5; 051/10 New cables with 5 / 10 m length and UNF 10-32 / BNC plugs for IEPE compatible sensors
December 2004 M2000 M2008V, M2016V and M2016+ discontinued
December 2004 084 / 085 cable 084 for KSI 8xV; cable 085 for KS48 / KS80
October 2004 M12DIS Vibration level display as option for M12
October 2004 VM-BAL Kit Balancing kit including all necessary hardware and software for balancing
August 2004 VibroMetra PC based vibration measuring system
June 2004 KS513B New triaxial accelerometer replaces former KS513
June 2004 Standards List with over 250 links to standards related with vibration measurement
May 2004 KS80D KSI 8xV KS80D and KSI 8xV now available with optional ATEX compliance declaration
April 2004 KB103SV-100 Seat Pad Accelerometer with 100 mV/g sensitivity
April 2004 VC110 Improved replacement for VC100
February 2004 117 New adapter UNF 10-32 (female) to BNC (female)
January 2004 KS80 Improved version with double sealed case
December 2003 KS93 / 94 / 95 Miniature accelerometers available with new accessories kit
October 2003 KST94 Probe accelerometer added to standard product range
October 2003 Theory Comprehensive section added about theory and application of piezoelectric accelerometers
September 2003 KS95.100 KS95.100 with 100 mV/g sensitivity
September 2003 KS94.100 KS94.100 with 100 mV/g sensitivity
September 2003 KS91 New Miniature Accelerometer
September 2003 VS2 VS2 replaced by VS6
September 2003 VS6 New Vibration Switch
September 2003 VS4
August 2003 KB12(V) Sensitivity increased: KB12: 6500 pC/g; KB12V: 5500 mV/g
August 2003 CB41 CB41 discontinued
June 2003 KS473 Triaxial accelerometer discontinued
June 2003 KSI 82V Two new 4-20 mA Sensors/Transmitters with 10..1000 Hz frequency range
May 2003 Accessories New mounting accessories for accelerometers
May 2003 Catalog New short form catalog
May 2003 M12 Universal vibration monitor
May 2003 M32 IEPE signal conditioner with low pass filter
May 2003 M28 IEPE supply unit
May 2003 M10a M10a replaced by M12; M10v further available
May 2003 M31 M31 replaced by M28 / M32
May 2003 M27 M27 replaced by M28 / M32
February 2003 Special Products New page about customized products added
January 2003 STV91 Electronic stethoscope discontinued
September 2002 KS813 New triaxial accelerometer for industrial applications with 100 mV/g
September 2002 KSI 80V New vibration velocity sensor / transmitter with 4-20 mA output
August 2002 KS48 New seismic accelerometer with 1000 mV/g
March 2002 VM15 New universal vibration meter
March 2002 VM12 vibration severity meter revised
January 2002 Accessories New accessories options for accelerometers, cables to be ordered separately